Famed European UFO researcher Michael Hesemann has developed some extremely strange and disturbing evidence of possible aliens bodies. It seems that similar forms have been found in the Republic of Georgia in the Ural Mountains and in Puerto Rico. Both sets of remains were extensively photographed, and the photographs have been published. Mr. Hesemann has noticed a startling similarity between the two sets of remains.

It must be remembered, however, that the Puerto Rican original could be itself a model made in part from bones and other organic material, and the Georgian photographs could be the same model photographed some years later. The two pictures were taken years apart, and this could account for the fact that the Russian one appears more deteriorated. It is also possible, as Mr. Hesemann speculates, that the Puerto Rican original is a pre-columbian fetus mummy. However, the witness who came upon the creature in Puerto Rico claims to have killed it with a blow to the head, and the skull appears to have sustained severe damage. No such damage is visible in the Russian version, but an apparent plate on the skull could be concealing it.

This is nevertheless fascinating and provocative evidence, and more detailed studies are planned by Hesemann and others. For more information, go to Mr. Hesemann’s website.

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