NYT – After Genetically contaminated StarLink corn, which can only be fed to cattle, was recently found in the corn used in taco shells, American seed manufacturers have admitted that they cannot control the spread of Genseed and can?t guarantee that any shipment of corn will be free from this type of contamination. The American Seed Trade Association wants to establish an accepted level of tolerance for the mixing of the two kinds of seeds.

The pollen from genetically engineered corn can easily spread to other fields and contaminate those crops. Crops also become contaminated when stored. The StarLink corn contamination could have been caused by a mix-up in seed handling at the Garst Seed Company, which handles both genetic and non-genetic corn.

The Environmental Protection Agency will meet soon to decide whether to temporarily approve StarLink corn for human consumption, even though it has never been tested on humans.

Meanwhile, Monsanto, the makers of StarLink, have admitted that they may have promoted genetically engineered seed too aggressively and has pledged that in the future, they will no longer combine human or animal genes with agricultural crops.

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