A number of Whitleysworld fans have taken strong exception to our story about the impending civil rights suits in Florida. We are therefore printing a representative sample letter as a news story in order to give it equal billing with the original story.

I check your website almost daily to read your latest news and opinions. I am very disappointed to see you post the inaccurate and very biased news of voter fraud in Florida. I happen to live in Florida and this is affects me greatly.

I don’t see any where on your site where you mention the “voter training” of black voters that took place in the Tampa area. They were “trained” to go into the booth and vote for the second person on the ballot, which by the way was Al Gore! Do you mention the overseas absentee ballots being savaged by the Democrats? But you have no problem posting a flat out lie that blacks were given ballots that were already filled out for Republican candidates.

I feel you have made a very poor choice in this matter.

Clermont, Florida

NOTE: This news story, previously published on our old site, will have any links removed.

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