Hate to make your bed in the morning? Don’t do it?you’llstay healthier. It’s not just your mother who wants you tomake your bed, dust mites do too. While an unmade bed looksmessy, it does keep those mites away. These tiny bugs eatsloughed off skin cells and breathing air that contains themites is a common cause of asthma.

BBC news.com reports on a recent study showing the mitesdon’t survive in the warm, dry conditions of an unmade bed.You may not realize it, but you’re sleeping alongsideliterally millions of these little bugs every night, sincethe average bed is home to around 1.5 million dust mites.

Ourintuition tells us that sleeping with millions of tiny bugsis not a great idea.Subscribers: Didyou know that you can still listen to Anne Strieber’swonderful interview with Sonia Choquette? (Thanks to yourprayers, Anne is well and will be back with a BRAND NEWMysterious Powers show on February 5?all about the afterlife!)

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