Despite some extreme weather events recently, most of usremain untouched by global warming, making it easy toconsider it an abstract theory?something that’s not reallygoing to affect us. A recent novel says it’s all a left wingplot, which is even more reassuring to people who like tokeep their heads in the sand. But scientists who study theweather say it’s going to be even worse than we thought.

A new study predicts that a catastrophic increase in worldtemperature will take place far faster than previouslyexpected, leading to radical changes in the lives of all ofus. If greenhouse gasses are not reduced radically?rightnow?temperatures will soar so high that parts of the planetwill be uninhabitable within 50 years. Long before that,we’ll all encounter major changes. An increase of 11 degreesCelsius is now predicted within 50 years. Previous highestimates were for a maximum increase of 4 degrees Celsius(One Celsius degree equals 1.8 degrees Fahrenheit).

Critics who say greenhouse gases don’t lead to climatechange lost a major battle this week. A new study revealsthat an ice age that took place 10 million years earlierthan we thought, when CO2 levels were at a record low, notwhen later on when they were high. Researcher MatthewSaltzman says, “How can you have ice when CO2 levels arethrough the roof? That was the dilemma that we were facedwith. I think that now we have good evidence that resolvesthis mismatch?Our results are consistent with the notionthat CO2 concentrations drive climate.”

There may not be much an individual can do to stop it orslow it down, but we CAN demand that our politicians addressthis issue in future campaigns. Neither candidate addressedit at all in this year’s Presidential race. If climatechange is coming (and it is) we need to PLAN for it.

How can you help? Tell your representatives that you care!Write them today.

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