Three French physicists say they’ve figured out how UFOengines work. The scientists claim they use a combination ofelectromagnetic and nuclear power and they have built amodel UFO engine at the French Astronomical Observatory inMarseilles.

Jean-Pierre Petit, Claude Poher and Maurice Viton call theirengine the Petit-Viton Magnetohydrodynamic Motor, and say itproduces over 1,000 million watts of energy. One of itssecrets is that it can suppress shock waves which occurnaturally in the air and slow down any flying object.

French science has a much more open attitude towards UFOsthan do similar institutions in the U.S. Poher, forinstance, is the head of the French UFO group GEPAN, whileremaining in his position as head of the AstronomyDepartment of the French equivalent of NASA. This would notbe possible in the U.S.

To see diagrams of the UFO engine,clickhere and here.

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