On both sides of the border – If it were a movie special effect, it wouldn’t be believable, but it’s something real.

In the northern part of Guatemala City, a heavy storm created a huge sinkhole. Residents claim that that a three-story building and a house fell into it. 3 years ago, a similar (but smaller) sinkhole appeared in the same area. This has been going on for a while there because the town was built on top of a over a growing limestone cavern system.

The Guatemala Solidarity Network blog quotes Alvaro Rodas, director of social development for Guatemala City, as saying, “We have closed the valves on the storm and sewer drains and we are going to wait until the area stabilizes before going down there to evaluate, but in the meantime, the mouth of the hole will certainly become larger.”Sinkholes are turning up everywhere: In an interesting synchronicity, a huge sinkhole, 5 feet deep and 12 feet wide, has suddenly opened up on the shoulder of a highway near Tulsa, Oklahoma that is traveled by 75,000 to 80,000 vehicles per day. UPI.com reports that the cause may be a utility contractor who was boring under the highway at that location.

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