How will what happens today be different from what will happen tomorrow? Immediately after World War II, Sweden was mystified by the appearance of so-called ‘ghost rockets,’ and now something very similar has appeared over Newfoundland. There were around 200 Swedish ghost rocket incidents, with radar returns and fragments found. But there was never any explanation for the phenomenon, which had disappeared by 1947. As was the case in Sweden, there has been an extensive government investigation of the Newfoundland ghost rockets, and, once again, there is no explanation. The Canadian National Defense and Canadian Forces Directorate of Scientific and Technical Intelligence evaluated the images and reported that the object is not a ballistic missile, a cruise missile or a licensed model rocket launcher. The objects were observed by a number of witnesses near Harbor Mile on the south coast of Newfoundland on January 25, and one resident got a picture. She reported that it appeared that the object had come up out of the water. Canadian authorities eliminated the possibility that it was a submarine-launched missile because the shape and length of the flame were atypical for a missile launch. The North American Aerospace Defense Command had no information on the objects, and the Royal Canadian Mounted Police called the event "an unexplained sighting." To learn more about the Swedish ghost rockets click here.

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