Dr. Jill Tarter, long-time director of SETI, has announced areversal of decades of official policy. She has now statedclearly that finding evidence of ET activity in our solarsystem should not be considered unthinkable.

Tarter told Space.com that she believes extraterrestrialscould be present in our solar system. Her comments were madein a discussion about Fermi’s Paradox, which states that, ifthere are extraterrestrials in the galaxy, then they musthave colonized it. But there is no evidence of theirpresence here, therefore the implication is that they don’texist. Tarter says, “I would claim that we don’t knowthat…We’ve so poorly explored even the local neighborhoodof our solar system that there could well be probes,artifacts, even large, slow ships within our solar systemthat we wouldn’t have detected yet. It’s possible that therecould be, in fact, within our solar system some evidence ofan extraterrestrial technology. They may be here.”

Dr. Tarter doesn’t believe they?re “abducting Aunt Sally,”but she does make the surprising comment that there havebeen attempts to find ships that might be on long-termstation in our solar system at points of minimal gravity,using both reflected light and radar observation.

There are many places where large ships could be locatedthat would be very difficult for us to detect, such as inthe asteroid belt or the rings of Saturn. They would bevirtually indistinguishable from local objects if hidden insuch places.

Tarter’s comments reflect an increasing openness amongastronomers to the idea that an extraterrestrial presence inour solar system isn’t impossible. This is because theassumptions in Drake’s Equation, which basically says thatextraterrestrial life would be extremely rare, are beingcalled into question by the large number of planets that arebeing discovered orbiting other stars.

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