Joachim Koch & Hans-Jurgen Kyborg of Germany are leading thefirst worldwide crop circle meditation at 11:00 pm BritishSummer Time at Avebury on July 24th. This meditation, whichhas the backing of many native peoples around the world, isto communicate to whomever is making the crop circles thatwe take responsibility for the welfare of our planet. Theeffort will last for an hour, commencing at the followingtimes in the US: Eastern time: 6:00 pm, Central Time: 5:00pm, Mountain Time: 4:00 pm, Pacific Time: 3:00 pm.

To participate in the mediation, simply find a place to sitquietly and send the meditation message in your mind.Participate for all or part of the hour. To learn more,clickhere. To see latest U.K. cropcircle,click here.

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