A UN study has found that most of the young men and women inArab countries want to leave home and move to the West.”Remarkably, 51 percent of older youths expressed a desireto emigrate to other countries, clearly indicating theirdissatisfaction with current conditions and future prospectsin their home countries,” the report says. This is happeningat a time when the U.S. and other western countries aretightening their visa restrictions against Arab immigrants,as a result of terrorist threats, meaning that few of themwill be able to fulfill their dreams.

While the new visa restrictions are unavoidable, it doesmean that thousands of young men and women will not get achance to savor western freedom and to take our values backhome with them when they return. Terrorists cannot continueto brainwash the Arab public about the evils of westernsociety if people are receiving firsthand reports, fromtheir own children, about the advantages of our lifestyle.

The UN says that only 13% of the young Arabs interviewedwanted to move to another Arab country ? all the rest wantedto relocate in the U.S. or Europe. They mentioned the lackof education, freedom and job opportunities as the majorreasons for wanting to emigrate. “Among those contemplatingemigration, European countries were the favoritedestination,? says the report. ?The implicit judgement ofhow liveable these young people consider Arab societies tobe is evident.”

There is a growing concern in Europe, especially in theU.K., Germany and France, that North Africa and the rest ofthe Arab world will continue be a leading source ofimmigrants, both legal and illegal. Citizens of thesecountries are concerned that so many immigrants are wipingout European cultures. In order to get Arabs to stay home,the European Union has developed programs to improve life inNorth Africa.

The older the Arab young person, the greater his desire toemigrate. “In general, the younger youths, particularlygirls, seem to be somewhat more attached to their countriesand aware of broad social issues such as participation andpoverty,” according to the report. Men were more eager toemigrate than women, despite the fact that women?s lives aremore restricted in Arab societies.

The report says Jordan is the highest among Arab countriesin the level of freedom of expression and governmentaccountability, with Kuwait second. Qatar is the mostpolitically stable country, followed by Oman and the UnitedArab Emirates.

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