According to Professor Haim Eshed, formerly head of Israel’s space security program; a coalition of countries have been in contact with a “Galactic Federation.”   This organization of extraterrestrials has insisted that Earth’s governments keep their existence under wraps since the mid-twentieth century to avoid mass panic amongst the public.

In an interview with 7 Days, the Shabbat edition of Israeli Newspaper Yedioth Aharonoth,  Professor Eshed says he believes that select world governments have been exchanging favors with alien governing bodies.  These favors include access to Area 51, and permission to abduct their citizens for technological secrets.  He claims these aliens have our best interests at heart, to the point where they may have prevented nuclear war on multiple occasions. 

After retiring from his position as the head of the research and development department in the IDF’s Intelligence Corps in 1981, then-lieutenant colonel Haim Eshed established the Challenge Program, a unit of the Administration for Research, Development of Weapons and Technological Infrastructure in Israel’s Ministry of Defense, the department responsible for satellite projects. He retired from the Defense Ministry in 2011 with the rank of General, having directed the launch of 20 Israeli satellites.

Since his retirement, the 87-year-old professor has developed a keen interest in UFOs, an extension of his long-standing interest in outer space. According to Eshed, for him,

“space is an obsession. When an ordinary person looks at the sky at night he sees darkness and some stars. Stars are forming, things are accumulating—listen, space is Times Square on July 4. Space is a carnival.”

With the recent changes in official attitudes regarding the subject of UFOs, professor Eshed felt the time was right to add his voice to the conversation, broaching the discussion in his new book, The Universe Beyond the Horizon.

His interview for Yedioth Aharonoth was exclusively about UFOs, and UFO-related subjects, including the well-known scientific studies conducted at the Skinwalker Ranch, cattle mutilations, and the U.S. government’s renewed focus on UFOs.

He also talked about the invitation that President Nixon extended to Jackie Gleason to visit Wright-Patterson Air Force Base to view alien bodies, and the agreement Eisenhower reportedly signed with alien representatives to provide a location for an alien base at Area 51 and permission to abduct humans, in exchange for technological secrets.

According to Eshed, a coalition of extraterrestrial cultures called “The Galactic Federation” are preventing “a group of partners—the Americans, the Russians, the Japanese, the English and the Chinese” from revealing their existence to the public. Eshed claims that there are military officials and academics that are pushing for disclosure, but the Galactic Federation says to “first calm down, do not post yet because you will see what is happening to you. You are still fighting each other, you will destroy yourself.”

Eshed says that if the presence of extraterrestrials was to be openly revealed before humanity is ready, “it will create panic and collapse humanity… the markets will collapse, there will be nothing to eat, people will become cannibals, hospitals will be shut down, all dark passions will come out, it may be the end—and they are not interested in it.” He goes on to say that the extraterrestrials have prevented humans from attacking one another with nuclear weapons in the past, and that “without them, I have no doubt that humanity would have destroyed itself. They want to say to humanity: Children, calm down.”

“There is an agreement between the U.S. government and aliens – I cannot prove it, I understand it sounds like a conspiracy theory—but the understanding is that the Galactic Federation has nine elements of advanced aliens of various kinds, who signed a contract with us to do experiments here,” Eshed explains, describing human culture as a “Petri dish” in this grand experiment. “They too are researching and trying to understand the whole fabric of the universe, and they want us as helpers.”

It’s important to note that at no point in the interview does Professor Eshed claim to have insider knowledge of UFOs, despite many media outlets portraying his views as some form of unofficial disclosure; all of the topics he discusses appear to have been learned from publicly-available sources.

Indeed, he even indicates that Israel itself might not be in the loop when it comes to secret state-level extraterrestrial collaborations, and that Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is not privy to the goings-on of the U.S./Russia/Japan/China cabal.

“Most countries are isolated from it,” Eshed says, “and [it’s] better this way.”

Regardless of what he actually knows, professor Eshed is yet another voice in a long line of accomplished and educated individuals that have discovered that the UFO phenomenon deserves much more serious attention than it has traditionally received.

Correction: The initial posting of this article stated that professor Eshed retired at the age of 87 in 2011; however, he is currently 87 years old, and would have been around 78 when he left the Israeli Ministry of Defense. We apologize for the mistake, and hopefully this didn’t throw anyone’s math to far out of kilter (~Matt, Dec. 16).

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  1. I didn’t include the text of the interview itself as part of the article, as it’s the property of Yedioth Aharonoth, a pay-for site, but there’s a free trial that allows access to the article, and Google Translate is remarkably effective in translating Hebrew. First, follow the link below:,7340,L-5854241,00.html

    The fields on the sign-up form are, in order of appearance: “Name”, “Phone Number”, and “Email Address”. I used a false phone number, and although I entered my real email, I never received a message from the publication; you may be able to get away with using a false address.

    You should now have access to the full article, although it will be in Hebrew. Open up Google Translate (or if you have a preferred online translator, use that instead) in a separate tab or browser, and copy/paste the text in a few paragraphs at a time–Google Translate has a 5,000-word limit, and unfortunately the URL translation function just comes up with the sign-up form, since Google itself isn’t subscribed to the site. If highlighting the text seems tricky, remember that Hebrew reads right-to-left, instead of English’s left-right flow.

    Happy Hanukkah, everyone!

  2. Thank you for all this information. It makes me wonder how close we are as citizens on planet Earth to having Extraterrestrial Disclosure done their own way.

    “They want to say to humanity: Children, calm down.”

    Eshed claims that there are military officials and academics that are pushing for disclosure, but the Galactic Federation says to “first calm down, do not post yet because you will see what is happening to you. You are still fighting each other, you will destroy yourself.”


  3. ‘They’re saying what I have been feeling and saying for a while. Humanity is not ready. If you look at the world in this moment in time, we still have a long way to go. Which is probably why they are working one-on-one with some of us, and pushing us in different ways to overcome our insecurities and fears, as well as working with us to understand who and what we are—and what we are capable of becoming.

    I read the interview on Yedioth Aharonoth a few days ago, but I honestly don’t remember how I got there and did it, but it was a little less complicated than what Matthew went through, (but thanks to Matthew for doing the work!) How did I do it? 🤔

    1. Reading in tongues now, Cosmic? 😉

      It’s possible that the interview was on Yedioth Ahronoth’s English site for a brief period, but I haven’t been able to find it there–that’d be way too convenient!

      1. Heck if I know, Matthew! I distinctly remember reading it. When I see an interesting story, I really try to track down the source. In this case, I saw it on Earthfiles, then did my usual followup, ending up at Yedioth Ahronoth.

        …And reading in tongues would be really cool!

  4. So, tonight I am checking out ABC news and see this small Trending Video on the left of my screen from ‘Good Morning America.’ Just thought it to be interesting with UFOs currently in the news.

    Exploring the mysterious, alleged UFO crash at Roswell.

    The History Channel’s three-part series, “Roswell: The First Witness,” takes a fresh look at new discoveries that could unlock secrets of the legendary 1947 crash in the New Mexico desert. Broadcast on December 12th…19th and 26th.

    1. The media has made way more out of this than there is.

      As this article states, he makes no claims of having insider knowledge or first hand experience with any of this. He’s simply regurgitating ideas and half-baked theories he’s read in UFO books that he personally believes are true. The whole new-agey “Galactic Federation” fantasy has been around for decades and is largely based on information from people claiming to “channel” aliens.

      It astonishes me how gullible people can be when it comes to so-called channelers, as if it’s not the easiest thing in the world to lie about and fake. And even when it’s not fake, blindly opening your mind to whoever and whatever wants to communicate is incredibly naive. There are A LOT of “spirits” and other low things (and even some higher things) that love nothing more than to play games with fools. Ye ole Trickster.

      1. I’ve never bought into that galactic federation idea. I don’t think anybody who’s actually got the visitors (in one or more of their many forms and manifestations) in their lives could buy into the idea that there’s a council of elders somewhere running the show. I see them as being part of nature–kind of wild, actually. When I’ve been with them physically, which is not all that much, I have had the sense that I was in the presence of animals that were smarter than I was, not space brothers that were basically like me, but strange looking. The only shared cultural context I picked up involved awareness of the soul. I don’t have any idea if they share our morality or ethics or anything like that.

        And when I hear somebody offer the opinion that they must be more ethically advanced because they’re more technologically advanced, I have to laugh. If you look at our own history, ethics have consistently lagged behind technology. One of many examples would be the Spaniards, who used superior technology not to help the Mesoamerican peoples, but to subjugate them. Just one of hundreds of examples.

        The one thing that does suggest an ethics gets back to why people dreamed up the galactic federation concept in the first place, which was to explain why they didn’t just land, whatever that’s supposed to mean. I go into this extensively in a New World, and also into the into the other possibility, which is that they hide because they are not here for reasons that are in our best interests, and if we understood their motives, we would resist.

        Given the trajectory of my own relationship with them, I’d vote for the idea that they are trying to preserve our cultural integrity, not that they are tigers hiding in the tall grass. But even so, we have to move ahead very carefully.

        1. If you’re into ‘Star Trek’ (or not), I think there may be a very valid reason why Gene Roddenberry came up with with the idea of the ‘prime directive’. He himself was an advanced soul in the ways that he chose to see the future of humanity , our relationship to other beings, the Universe, and reality.

      2. I’m curious r.byron418 what you, a non-gullible person, knows to be the truth of things? To dismiss out of hand Professor Haim Eshed’s description of extraterrestrials is to dismiss a person with a lifetime of education, experience and accomplishment. What are your credentials that allow you to so easily dismiss Dr. Eshed?

    2. Sorry, I didn’t mean that as a reply to you, but in the general thread. My cheap tablet doesn’t render this site very well.

  5. If there is a galactic federation, my guess is that, along with initial drastic reactions, we also have to worry about the cultural decline that comes when exchanging with more advanced partners, as Whitley has discussed. Open exchange with galactic cultures might overturn or replace much of technology, economics and spirituality. Can we maintain our culture and civilization through such a transition? I want to know, though we may need to take better care of ourselves and our home first.

    1. All I want know is if they wear great uniforms…I hope they’re a nice teal…with silver epaulets.

      1. Cosmiclibrarian, that’s hysterical!

        Maybe the aliens’ reluctance to shed their fig leaf of virtual invisibility reflects less of a concern about panic among humans and more of an uncertainty about the worthiness of their sartorial splendor.

        1. 🙂

          Humans tend to anthropomorphize just about everything, as well as to view so much about ourselves through the lens of culture and race. We’ve even played these games in the way we see other living beings on our own planet. (Thank you, Jane Goodall, for changing the paradigm on that! She made it ok to think of ‘animals’ as other beings with with a different kind of highly developed mental and emotional intelligence).

          Sooo…would we, as humans, accept nakedness among any of the beings in ‘The Galactic Federation’? Just wondering in case there are no snazzy teal uniforms with …silver epaulets.

  6. Since none can categorically prove or disprove the Galactic Federation story I like it and chose to make that my world view. I’m one of those new-agey folks who will believe anything and in these times of fake news at every turn I’m sticking with the Roddenberry meme.

  7. Uh, time for some basic critical thinking:
    1. TIme lag: Mr. Eshed RETIRED 39 YEARS AGO from an IDF intelligence arm. Really? How old was he then? 30? 12 maybe?? Certainly not anyone advanced enough to be significant or deeply in-the-know within any organization, much less one dedicated to military secrets! Even without credentialed papers (no attempt at all to mention these), a 39-year gap “since retirement” argues heavily against his reliability.
    2. Self-disproof: If he himself claims he has no proof, no persuasive evidence, then we’re wasting our time listening to him, and he is simply grandstanding. “PAY ATTENTION TO ME!” is such a terrible disease among many of my fellow senior citizens!!
    3. Cash cow: Whatever the man’s motives, it’s obvious the the media outlets publishing his words are increasing their paying subscriptions, particularly when locking down half a billion wealthy Anglophone readers to access-for-pay, while a few million עברית-readers are the only one exempted.
    Too many hands scooping up the pay-out, folks. Brother, can you spare a shekel?

    1. Oh wise one of critical thought I copied a portion to respond to #1…After retiring from his position as the head of the research and development department in the IDF’s Intelligence Corps in 1981, then-lieutenant colonel Haim Eshed established the Challenge Program, a unit of the Administration for Research, Development of Weapons and Technological Infrastructure in Israel’s Ministry of Defense, the department responsible for satellite projects. He retired from the Defense Ministry in 2011 at the age of 87 with the rank of General, having directed the launch of 20 Israeli satellites.

      So maybe not totally out of the loop? Can you show proof, evidence that what he says is not true. Maybe you have a better story? Just asking how you know so much as to be so condemning in your response.

    2. #1: 87 (current age) – 39 (years since 1981) = 48 years old; so he was pushing fifty when he retired from the military with the rank of lieutenant colonel. This was prior to his three-decade stint with the MoD as head of Israel’s space security program.

      #2: I ran this story for two reasons:

      a): Virtually every media posting of this story got it bass-ackward, so I wanted to set the record straight, at least as far as what’s actually discussed in the interview.

      b) Despite not really adding anything new to the UFO conversation, it’s still an interesting interview, and professor Eshed is yet another accomplished and educated individual that is taking the subject of UFOs seriously. Whenever a new voice with credentials such as his is added to that conversation, it chips that little bit more of the stigma bogging down UFOs away.

      #3: As I explained in the access instructions, the interview itself is free for everyone, despite Yedioth Aharonoth being a subscription-based publication. Regardless, it’s definitely not being marketed to Anglo readers at all, since the interview is available exclusively in Hebrew.

      1. Sorry Matthew I was not questioning your reasons or integrity regarding the story. I have been more concerned with the responses seeming to denigrate an accomplished individual. Whether he has “proof” of his tales is to me unimportant as nether do those dismissing him. I suppose I’m offended by what appears to be denigrating comments which of course is my problem. Again sorry I will say no more. Happy Holidays to all.

        1. Not to worry Will, I was responding to Loquamur’s confusion regarding the particulars of the story. 😉

          However, I’m the one who has to offer an apology: for some reason I stated professor Eshed’s age when he retired nine years ago as 87, but that’s his current age, making him around 78 when he left the Ministry.

  8. Perhaps this federation isn’t so TREKy dorky, but encompassing a wildness so profound, as to be highly disturbing to our senses?

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