True to the predictions in Superstorm and (more recently) some global warming models, planet earth is now experiencing increasingly dangerous extremes of heat and cold. While the northern mid-latitudes endure record cold, the southern mid-latitudes are experiencing record heat. While the Australian city of Adelaide experienced its hottest temperature on record on January 24 (116F), temperatures in the US midwest reached record extremes of cold. On Friday, Australia’s Bureau of Meteorology announced that the January heat wave was “unprecedented.” Like the cold wave to the north, it was also dangerous. In temperatures above 105F, the human body begins to shut down, and temperatures across the continent were commonly reaching that level, and in some areas soaring to 115F and above.

Meanwhile, in the US, a low of -38F was recorded in Mt. Carroll, Illinois. If the temperature is confirmed, it will be the lowest recorded in the history of the state. Meteorologists expect a sudden increase in temperatures to develop across the midwest starting this weekend, with temperature increases of as much as 50F predicted.


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