An extremely cold air mass is in the process of blanketing the eastern half of the United States and will also affect the United Kingdom. It will drive temperatures down well past the lowest ever previously recorded in the midwest and possibly also the northeast and as far south as Texas. The reason that this is happening is twofold. First, the Gulf Stream is no longer strong enough to drive warm water up the US east coast to contain the polar air in the arctic. This is due to global warming. Second, the sun is moving into a minimum during which less solar energy is reaching the earth. This is an unexpected event.

This combination of conflicting forces also sets the stage for powerful spring storms later in the season, and for another very active hurricane season. But if the solar minimum deepens, the climate regime will become even more confused and difficult to predict. Despite claims to the contrary, a deepening solar minimum will have an effect on global warming, but what that effect may be is unknown. It is not factored into any climate models.

Temperatures of -50 F in the US midwest could cause a catastrophe if they result in power failures and extensive freezing of pipes. Most vehicles in the region are not equipped for sustained use in such temperatures as well. 

Meanwhile, across Ireland and in the British Isles, a “snowbomb” is being predicted with temperatures expected to fall well below zero. 

This situation mirrors Whitley Strieber and Art Bell’s predictions of what will happen when the Gulf Stream weakens in their 1999 book Superstorm, which was inspired by statements made to Whitley in 1998 by the enigmatic individual known as the Master of the Key.

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