Richmond police announced today that several ‘pressureproducing devices’ had been found in a neighborhood in NorthRichmond. Fire Captain Mike Martin told assembled reportersthat the devices had been found both above and below ground.

Police cordoned off an area of North Richmond whileinvestigating the devices. They said that there was no needfor evacuation, but the area was being considered a crimescene. The devices were described as being of an explosivenature but not bombs. Rather, they were described as beingdesigned to create bursts of air presure that would resultin explosive noises.

Martin described the devices as from four or five inches toup to a foot in diameter, and said that they had nocommercial application. He said that the devices could behomemade.

This suggests that the explosions that have been troublingresidents of Fort Wayne, Indiana may be explained by asimilar prank, but the explosion that rolled across Norfolkin the UK remains classified as an unexplained sonic boom.

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