Dr. Richard Boylan has produced a report saying that a large asteroid will hit the North Atlantic between 2:30 and 3:00 PM on November 15. As is our custom, we are recording this prediction, and, assuming we are still here on November 16, will report on the outcome. As 2012 nears, we can expect more of these apocalyptic predictions. Dr. Boylan has stated in his report, “There is an asteroid headed on a collision course with earth. It is 8/10th of a mile long and 6/10th of a mile wide. On its current course, it is due to impact in the North Atlantic this year at about 2:30–3:00 PM EDT on November 15, 2008.” He cites as his source the remote viewing results of a Native American friend, based on information from “the Zeta and other Star Visitors.” It has long been our practice to document such predictions and report on their accuracy after the date of the prediction has passed.

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