On Sunday, the third super moon of 2015 will also be eclipsed, which is why many people are describing it as a "blood moon." It starts as a penumbral eclipse at 8:11 EDT in the US, becomes a partial eclipse at 9:07, is total by 10:11 and reaches its greatest extent at 10:47. Watching will be iffy on the East Coast and in parts of the Pacific Northwest, but most of the US is forecast to have clear skies, with scattered clouds in some areas. Because this is the third super moon of the year and it is going to be eclipsed, there are numerous astrologers with ideas about what it means, and people–as always–prophesying doom. A huge asteroid is supposed to strike Earth unexpectedly on the 28th, and yet there is no evidence of its existence.read more

As listeners are aware, Whitley Strieber is not much of a believer in prophecy. In fact, he thinks that most of it is hype and nonsense. There are two guests on Dreamland, however, who provide accurate predictions much more often than might be expected if chance alone was in operation.

One of these is Starfire Tor, and on this week’s Dreamland, she details how one of her most scientifically improbable predictions turned out to be scientifically true.

But how does she do this? What is her method? Can it be learned, or, if not, then clearly understood?
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For the first time in years, there are no fake apocalyptic predictions on the horizon. So what IS going to happen next? John Hogue combines his careful analysis of the world around us with his oracle to make some provocative suggestions. After a year absence, John Hogue returns to his traditional January predictions on Dreamland. This year at last, there are no more fake apocalyptic disasters to worry about, so what’s to look forward to in 2013, and what’s to worry about?
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