North America has been haunted by giant birds for hundredsof years, and now there has been yet another series ofsightings, this time in Nova Scotia. While scientistsdismiss the idea thatTeratornis, agigantic prehistoricbird larger than a condor, could still exist, two weeks agothey would have laughed at the idea of there being 125,000 undiscovered gorillas in the Congo.

Myles Rafuse and Goldie Stewart of Crousetown, Nova Scotia,both had encounters with a gigantic, coal-black bird overthe past few days. The creature ran at Mr. Rafuse from theroadside. It was at least two feet tall and had a much widerwingspan. As the bird came toward him, he moved backwards,slapping at it with his jacket to keep the wings fromstriking him.

The creature swooped at Goldie Stewart, narrowly missing herhead.

Randy Miller, of the Nova Scotia Department of NaturalResources, theorized that the creature might have been adomestic turkey, larger than a wild turkey. Mr. Rafusethought that the bird was enormous.

The creatures have been seen in Texas, inAlaskaand in many other places. A number of them were seen movingup the US east coast in the spring of 1979. Whitley Strieberwas one of the witnesses to this event. He saw one of thebirds standing on the chimney of his home in Cos Cob,Connecticut, in May of 1979.

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