The SciFi Channel is trying to get the government to investigate more UFO sightings, and has hired former Clinton chief of staff John Podesta as their Washington lobbyist.They could begin with a new sighting in Georgia of a red UFO which appeared to “scan” the occupants of a car.

Jim Pettit writes in the Fayetteville (NC) Observer online about a UFO was sighted in Booger Bottom, Georgia in June. A 50-year-old man, his brother and his 73-year-old sister-in-law were driving through the area when they saw a red swirling object. Suddenly, about 50 round, red lights, about the size of silver dollars, appeared inside their SUV and seemed to scan them. Moments later, they disappeared.

The woman immediately called the Georgia Bureau of Investigation, who weren’t interested. However, Olivia Newton and Jim Clifford, two local Mufon investigators, were. ”They all said it was not of this world,” Newton says. ”They felt it was intelligent. They felt they had sought them out for the sole purpose of scanning them. Scan. That was the word they used.”

“It’s very, very tough for people to take this subject seriously,” says Ed Rothschild, a lobbyist for the Washington firm PodestaMattoon. “We thought the only wayit was going to be seriously addressed is to have serious people talk about it, scientists.”

After hearing that former President Carter once saw a UFO, filmmaker James Fox asked Carter about it at a book signing. Carter confirmed the incident but wouldn’t give him any details. SciFi will air his documentary “Out of the Blue” today. Frequent Dreamland guest Richard Dolan will be on the show.

Fox got interested in the subject 9 years ago, when he and his friends saw a saucer-shaped object in Nevada. “When I got home, I was met with laughter,” he says. “Noone believed me, even my family. I thought, if my own family doesn’t believe me, who does?”

How do religious people deal with UFOs?

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