Autism is increasing at an alarming rate in the U.S. and in Europe. Mercury preservative in vaccinations (which is no longer used) has been blamed, but then why don’t all children develop this problem? Now researchers think that children who become autistic have genes that make it harder for them to process mercury, and they may be getting it from their mothers’ tooth fillings.

Mercury in the hair is a sign that the body is able to remove the toxic metal efficiently. Dr. Amy Holmes analyzed mercury levels in hair cuttings from 94 autistic children and 45 normal children, taken when they were about 18 months old, and found the average level of mercury in children later diagnosed as autistic was 0.47 parts per million, compared to 3.63 per million in the other children. The more severe the autism, the lower the amount of mercury that was found.

Where does it come from? There has long been a controversy about whether mercury tooth fillings cause the toxin to leach into our bodies. This might not affect an adult, but a mother’s mercury fillings could affect her fetus. Also, eating a lot of fish while pregnant can be dangerous, since our oceans are contaminated with mercury. If some children can’t deal with mercury, their bodies may also not be able to process other metals correctly?such as zinc, iron and copper?which are needed for proper brain development.

If we could only communicate with advanced civilizations, we wouldn’t have to grope for knowledge.

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