Dreamland is still free and will always remain free, but our subscribers also enjoy a wealth of fascinating interviews, Whitley’s insights, and store coupons. Plus, this week, our video section opens!

Keep reading to find out what’s available to subsribers right now and what’s coming up in the future.

Available right now:

Whitley Strieber Material

Whitley’s First Hypnosis–this 1986 recording preserves the moment that Whitley first discovered the visitors in his life. This harrowing tape is testament to the power of the close encounter experience and the honesty of Whitley Strieber.

The Key Parts 1 through 4–with Part 4 just added on Friday, June 20, Whitley’s fascinating description of what was going through his mind as he had his discussion with the Master of the Key reaches the question: who are you. This wonderful series keeps going from peak to peak.

Special Interviews

The latest is journalist Leslie Kean, America’s only mainstream journalist who works full time on the UFO issue. She discusses her present efforts in Washington with former White House Chief of Staff John Podesta to obtain disclosure.

Also available are interviews with Raven Dana, who had a close encounter at Whitley’s cabin, William Henry on the hidden meaning of Shock and Awe, Jim Marrs on all manner of thing, Sir Laurence Gardner on the treasures of Baghdad and others. Earth’s Future Climate author Henry Willis discusses violent weather.

Our UFO investigator series features interviews with UFO superstars Stanton Friedman, Michael Hesemann and Phillip Mantle, as well as newcomer Paul Potter with this fascinating discovery that most of Betty Andreasson Luca’s famous star language, uttered under hypnosis, is ancient Latin and contains warnings about the sun.

There is a wonderful meditation sampler featuring Wayne Dyer and Hypnotica’s works.

PLUS, the full archive of Dreamland dating back to March.

Subscribers also get the Key at half price, an additional dollar off on Communion Letters preorders, and coupons on Hypnotica’s Sphinx of the Imagination and Getting in the Gap.


Our new video studio is opening! This will NOT be your usual UFO video section, but rather a look into Whitley’s ongoing studies of videos you have either never seen or never seen analyzed like this. This promises to be one of the most fascinating and informative video sections anywhere.

The best part is, you get all this for $3.95 a month, $19.75 for a half year (one month free) or 39.50 per year (two months free). You can pay by Visa, Mastercard or check.

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