And UFOs in NY Times! – Something crashed between Las Vegas and Needles in on May 14 that looked like a meteor, but was immediately followed by large numbers of helicopters, then a large number of large road vehicles, including a truck with a dome on top.

As Linda Howe reported on Dreamland on May 1, something strange also crashed in Decatur Alabama in April, and was observed by the witness she interviewed being removed from a schoolyard and placed into an ambulance. This was a silver, pearl-shaped object.

There is now little question that unknown objects are crashing and being carried off by official personnel in the United States. The object that came down in Decatur was reminiscent of the odd “pearls” seen on some Google maps. The Nevada crash would have been dismissed as a meteor if there had not been so much official activity associated with it.

Are these objects alien spacecraft, or some sort of secret military craft? There is at present no way to answer that question, but one would hope that whoever keeps crashing manages to improve their record. If not, then it’s probably only a question of time before a populated area is hit, with unknown consequences.

The Decatur object was reported on Dreamland on May 3, and is available for listening in our subscriber archive.

Meanwhile, the previously unthinkable has occurred: UFO investigator Nick Pope, who has appeared on Dreamland and even chatted with our subscribers, has had an “op-ed” piece published in the New York Times!

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