We’ve learned that your immune system is racial, and we also know that sometimes one gene for a disease can be protective, while two genes are bad. Black students seem to be more at risk for attention-deficit disorder, which causes problems in school?could this be linked to their ancestors?

Science Daily reports that a tendency to exhibit for attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) might be beneficial to a group of Kenyan nomads, who may have passed on their genes to black children who are now living in the US. An ADHD-associated version of the certain gene that controls dopamine (one of the “feel good” hormones) causes better health in nomadic tribesmen. This same gene may cause more settled Africans to become malnourished.

Researcher Dan Eisenberg says, “This gene is likely to be involved in impulsivity, reward anticipation and addiction?[This gene] has been linked to greater food and drug cravings, novelty-seeking, and ADHD symptoms. It is possible that in the nomadic setting, a boy with this [gene] might be able to more effectively defend livestock against raiders or locate food and water sources, but that the same tendencies might not be as beneficial in settled pursuits such as focusing in school, farming or selling goods.”

Art credit: freeimages.co.uk

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