Not eat? Not exactly… – We’re all terrified of the current recession. What can we do to save ourselves? Well, one thing we CAN do is DIET!

US food production wastes a lot of food, up and down the entire food chain, and most of that has to do with corn! Researchers have calculated how much energy, money and carbon dioxide could be saved by making just few changes to the way we grow corn, and they think these simple changes could cut the cost of future oil price rises in HALF. Since so many of our foods (like high-fructose sweetened sodas) are based on corn, and since beef is fattened on corn, changes in the way Americans eat are desperately needed.

In New Scientist, Catherine Brahic writes about researcher David Pimentel, who has figured out that if Americans kept the same amount of calories each day, but switched to a vegetarian diet, the fossil fuel required to produce that food would be drastically slashed.

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