A red UFO of a type that was christened “Bubba” during the many hundreds of sightings that took place in Gulf Breeze, Florida has appeared five times in recent nights over Phoenix. If you live in the Phoenix area, you can participate in the skywatch and report your observation. To report, call the National UFO Reporting Center at 206-722-3000.

To participate in the skywatch, you need a video camera. Should you see the UFO (it is a bright, extremely red light and it may engage in extraordinary manuevers, emit rings or change colors) tape it preferably using a tripod. Do not use digital zoom, and set your focus on infinity rather than use autofocus. After your sighting, take a wide-angle reference shot from exactly the same position.

As soon as you can, notify Phoenix UFOlogist Tom King of your sighting by sending him an e-mail with your phone number. His e-mail address is {ufohunter@home.com. His website is {http://www.ufovideo.com.

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