You can now click on “Dreamland” on our masthead and scrolldown to hear the secondPathmeditation. One listener has gotten feedback already! Lynnwrites: About a month ago I started doing this meditationwith sincerity and regularity, trying to do it daily?I gotmore than I bargained for. Within just a few days ofstarting the meditation, I awoke in bed and looked over tothe French door leading outside from our bedroom to see afigure halfway in view, near the side of the door. It wasjust a beige silhouette with no detail and it vanishedimmediately. From that time on I started seeing flashes onthe edges of my field of vision. I interpreted thisphenomenon to be the gentle beginning of some form ofcontact. About two weeks later, in the middle of the night,I awoke to a series of three knocks on the window next toour bed [Note: these were described by Whitley in his booksTransformation and Breakthrough]. They were evenly timed andmethodical sounding. My wife did not wake up even though thewindow was on her side of the bed.

Having read your book “Confirmation” several years ago, Iimmediately knew the implication of the three knocks. I wasnot frightened but just said to myself very matter offactly, “Well, there are the three knocks” and went back tosleep. Last Wednesday in the early late afternoon I waslounging on the deck and looking through the screened porchwhen I saw a white object which I thought was a man in aT-shirt pass by quickly. I ran around to the side yard andno one was there. We live in the country and our property is fenced with a six-foot chainlink fence.

The most recent event was last Friday night. My wife checkedall of the doors before we went to bed. They were all closedand locked as usual. The next morning the side door, closestto our bedroom, was not only unlocked but standing wideopen. This door has a regular lock and also a dead bolt.This was somewhat unnerving but I still did not feelfrightened. I contacted a friend who is a gifted intuitivemessenger and I was informed that yes, visitors had indeedcome into the house and looked around. I was told that theywere not malevolent but were “good guys.”

I do not feel threatened by this experience so far and myview of the whole thing is that this is just part of anoverall planetary wide awakening to other realities, which arebeginning to open up in a big way.

So grab yourtarotcards, get your copy ofThePath and join the thousands of other listeners who areexperiencing the summer of The Path.

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