The gradual shift in the magnetic poles is affecting bird sall over the world. First we reported on the case of the missing pelicans inNorth Dakota. Now 1,500 homing pigeons are missing in Sweden.

Birds rely on magnetic areas in their brains to migrate andfind their way home again. Homing pigeons are especiallygood at this, but during a homing pigeon race in Swedenrecently, 1,500 of them did not come home, and nobody knowswhere they are.

Homing pigeon club organizer Lars-Aake Nilsson says, "Theweather was perfect?no rain, no thunder and no strong winds.I have worked with pigeons since 1960 and have neverexperienced anything like this."

Missing birds aren’t the only animal mystery lately: amonkey at an Israeli zoo has started walking on its hindlegs afterhaving a near death experience. Natasha, a five-year-oldblack macaque, began walking on her hind legs like a humanafter almost dying of stomach flu. Monkeys usually alternatebetween upright, human-like movement and walking on allfours, but Natasha now walks upright only. Zoo veterinarianIgal Horowitz says, "I’ve never seen or heard of thisbefore." If this is caused by brain damage, could this havebeen what started humans walking upright as well?

To see Natasha’s walk,click here.

Some things seem like a coincidence, but are they really?Explore the strange world ofsynchronicitieswith Ray Fowler, an upcoming guest on Dreamland.

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