Whitley finishes his beautiful course on the Tarot with a magnificent and deeply moving meditation on Card 21, "The World." You will never have heard that card–or, in fact, anything–discussed like this. This is something very special, but if you have not listened to the earlier chapters, do listen to them before you do this one.

Next week, the entire course will be archived in a single file in Whitley’s Room.
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As we approach the end of Whitley’s short course on the Tarot, we climb the ascending branch from the Magician through the Pope to the Hermit, then the Hanged Man, the Sun and finally the mysterious and powerful card of the World with it’s ambiguous figure floating amid the four beasts of the Sphinx.

But what does this all mean, and why does it matter? Listen as Whitley explains meanings that have been hidden for millennia. There is nothing in the world like the Tarot path, or this powerful course that can bring it into your soul.
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This week, Whitley takes us along the right-hand path, from the Empress through Justice, Force and Temperance to the Star. Don’t miss his powerful and enlightening descriptions of how to become a craftsman and artist of your soul.read more

Last week, Whitley explained the descending branch of the Tarot cross, ruled by the High Priestess and ending in the card of Judgment. This week, he discusses the left hand path, ruled by the Emperor and dominated by chance and chaos. It is the past that the entire living world is on, which leads along its directionless way to destruction. But the Tarot, uniquely, also offers a clear vision of how to escape from the left hand path, which is outlined in the ascending branch of the Tarot cross and the right hand path. But do we really want to leave the left hand path, to find out way beyond material life and the randomness that governs it? Truthfully, very few of us are attracted to this higher direction. But it’s there, and next week we will begin to explore it.read more