Listeners Report Dreamland Genfoods Show Cut

November 27, 2000
On November 26, Dreamland ran a program with Ben Lilliston of the Institute for Agricultural and Trade policy. Mr. Lilliston, co-author of Genetically Engineered Food: A Self-Defense Guide For Consumers, advocates testing, control and labeling of genetically altered foods. This... continued

Rotenone May Be Parkinson Culprit

November 27, 2000
New Scientist - COMMON PESTICIDE MAY CAUSE PARKINSON'S Rats that are given small doses of a common pesticide develop symptoms that are eerily similar to Parkinson?s Disease. "It?s a very provocative study," says Abraham Lieberman, medical director of the National... continued

Solar Max to the Max – FIVE Storms A-Comin’!

November 25, 2000
An unusual sequence of five consecutive solar storms will result in disrupted radio transmissions and possible effects on power systems, according to NASA's However, this storm does not carry radioactive particles, and air travelers and astronauts are not at... continued

Gene-Altered Corn is on the Loose

November 25, 2000
Reuters, Kyodo News Service - It was discovered in September that many brands of taco shells and chips contained StarLink, a biotech variety of corn that has not been approved for human consumption. It was announced Tuesday, November 21, that... continued

UFO Flap Problem

November 24, 2000
On 11/17/00 Whitleysworld published a story about numerous UFO sightings in Texas and Oklahoma that included accounts of a massive UFO being observed in Elk City, Oklahoma, and a series of extremely bright flashes of light in Tulsa, Oklahoma. We... continued

The Recount: An Insider’s Story

November 19, 2000
This fascinating insider's story of the recount process in action has been prepared by Democratic activist Angela Glover Blackwell. She makes no secret of which side she's on, but she provides all of us with an inside look at what... continued

Texas-Oklahoma UFO Sightings – A Flap is On

November 17, 2000
On October 13, 2000 at approximately 7:30 PM a group of lights streaked across the Midwest, appearing first over northwest Texas, and ultimately being sighted from Oklahoma to Nebraska and as far east as Illinois. On October 18, NASA issued... continued

The Leonids Are Coming And It’s Gonna Be Fun!

November 17, 2000
The Leonids are coming, and it's a pretty decent meteor storm! Sky watchers in North America may be able to spot an unusually beautiful type of meteor called Earthgrazers during this year's Leonid shower.Earthgrazers are long, bright shooting stars that... continued

World May Force US Climate Change Action

November 13, 2000
With the US facing the prospect of the least-powerful government in its history, world leaders are gathering in the Hague in an atmosphere of crisis to discuss the dangers of climate change, and there is talk of compelling the US... continued

Another Solar Storm – Auroras Possible Tonight

November 10, 2000
The Nov. 8th solar eruption that triggered an ongoing radiation storm around Earth also launched a coronal mass ejection that appears to be heading in the direction of our planet. The CME raced away from the Sun traveling faster than... continued