There?s a wave of Chemtrails over Texas, according to our listeners. Donald Atkins writes, “Friday afternoon(1 Dec) at 4:00, my grandson and I watched Chem/Contrails being made over Fort Worth. They made a grid going north-south, then an “X” pattern. They were so pretty as they were being made, they went from horizon to horizon. I went into the house very excited and picked up the phone and called the Fort Worth Star-Telegram. I was put through to the editor and told him, ?If you go outside and look at the sky, you can see airplanes spraying something out into the skies of Fort Worth!? He said, ?I?ll have a reporter go outside and take a look.?

“Today my daughter-in-law took my 3 year old granddaughter to the children?s hospital because her lungs had some fluid in them. She was running a high temperature, maybe as a result of the spraying. Her brother, I noticed, is doing a little coughing of his own. I?ll watch the sky tomorrow to see if I can see more.”

Jamie Wilson of Lubbock writes, “The last couple of days I noticed a vast amount of Chemtrails being left behind. As I was going to work, headed in a Southwestern direction, I noticed a large cirrus cloud about 200 miles long with two planes coming out of it leaving single and cross patterns. They circled several times, going through this cloud.

“Near the airport I noticed 4 airplanes flying in unison, leaving Chemtrails at a very high altitude. To see 4 planes doing this at one time was astonishing.”

Dennis Hanisch, who lives near Dallas, writes, “I am a recently retired math/science teacher, so consider me credible. Yesterday afternoon, I looked up to the clear sky and could hardly believe my eyes. About ten airplanes were leaving trails overhead, but since I studied meteorology in college, I could tell these were not normal Contrails. They did not dissipate, but became clouds, and in a few hours it was cloudy overhead.

What is going on here? This has been happening all over the U.S., and to our allies, like Canada, Australia, and South Africa. It does not happen over countries like Mexico.

Whitley Strieber personally observed an X contrail formation over San Antonio on December 3, 2000.

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