In a twist on the Sasquatch legend, scientists in Thailand have acted on videotape evidence that pre-historic mammoths may still be living in the remote forests of northern Thailand. Princess Rangsrinopadorn Yokol, a conservationist who is a member of Thailand?s royal family, has released videos of a small herd of elephants-like creatures she filmed in 1984 while making a survey of the remaining wild elephant population. The Princess said she could clearly see that these animals had the unusually long hair of mammoths, despite the fact that the images she captured are hazy.

Dr. Preecha Puangkam, a leading elephant expert, has stated that this is merely a herd of wild elephants, of which there are only 2,000 left. “They?re no hairier than normal elephants,” he said.

A large expedition has been mounted by the princess in search of the mammoths.

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