Genfood Industry Triumph: the Green Potato

January 10, 2001
Genetic modification of seeds has put animal genes in vegetables and given us square tomatoes, but the newest breakthrough is the green, water-sensing, potato. Scientists at Edinburgh University injected potato plants with a fluorescence gene borrow from a luminous jellyfish,... continued

Chemtrails Now Being Seen in Europe

January 10, 2001
Victor Johnson, who listens to Dreamland over the internet from the Netherlands, writes, "Today in Amsterdam (December 11) at 3 p.m. local time, there was the usual low, fast-moving cloud layer up in the sky. The clouds only parted briefly,... continued

Forest Fire Reveals Native American Secrets

January 10, 2001
Last summer?s forest fire in the Sequoia National Forest in California has uncovered hundreds of American Indian relics, causing anthropologists to change their minds about the Indians who lived here thousands of years ago. As archaeologist Ken Wilson said, "This... continued

World Effort to Save Untainted Seeds

January 10, 2001
The seeds we rely on for food are being genetically altered by a handful of large corporations, and the companies that produce these seeds admit that there is no way to keep genetically engineered seeds from contaminating ordinary crops. We?re... continued

Whitley on–First Key Interview

January 10, 2001
Whitley Strieber's first interview about the Key will be on KENS radio's "Clear Talk" program with Constance Clear on Friday, January 12 from 7PM to 9PM Central time. You can listen to the show on the internet and call in... continued

The Mystery of ‘IT’

January 10, 2001
The invention has the code name "Ginger," and was developed by 49 year-old scientist Dean Kamen, who says that Ginger will change the world. Kamen is an eccentric inventor who commutes to work by helicopter. He?s out of touch with... continued

Strange Material Falls From Sky in Syracuse, NY

January 8, 2001
A listener alerted us to a mysterious green or yellow substance that fell from the sky in Syracuse, New York over the past few days. Syracuse television station WSTM has carried out laboratory analysis and the substance has found not... continued

More Weird Animal Stories-Are They Smarter?

January 8, 2001
Animals seem to be getting more intelligent lately?and they?re also getting MAD! In India, a wild elephant pulled a man down from a tree, trampled him to death, and has been carrying the corpse around as a grisly souvenir for... continued

23 Catch Legionnaires From Walking Past Hot Tub

January 8, 2001
According to U.S. government researchers, just walking by a whirlpool that was on display at a store in Virginia was enough to give 23 people Legionnaires? disease, and to kill 2 of them. In 1996, Virginia health officials noticed a... continued

Florida Electors May Be Challenged in Congress

January 5, 2001
Three Congressmen, Alcee Hastings, Corrinne Brown and Carrie Meek, all members of the Congressional Black Caucus, have called for a formal debate on the legality of the Electoral College votes from Florida. Congressman Hastings said, "the American people are looking... continued