A Scottish tourist who died mysteriously in Israel may have been a member of the secret organization known as theKnights Templar. Israeli journalist Barry Chamish says that he has evidence that the heart was removed after his death,as part of an ancient ritual. Israeli officials claim that the removal took place during a routine autopsy, but couldoffer no explanation of why it was not returned to the family with the other remains. A heart that was later given tothem by Israeli health officials could not be verified as being the heart of Alisdair Rosslyn Sinclair.

Sinclair made an unexplained five-day visit to Israel in April, 1998. He was arrested as he tried to leave the countryand died in police custody.

At the time of his death, he was a musician living in Amsterdam. Now, startling new evidence has been uncovered whichreveals that the Scottish guitar maker was a direct descendant of a high-ranking family which helped found the Order of the Knights Templar, which is part of an international battle for the control of the holy sites in Jerusalem.

Chamish’s investigaton into Sinclair’s death has led him to conclude that the musician was the victim of his inherited connection with the Templars. “In my opinion,” Chamish says, “he was murdered and his killing was linked to a greater conspiracy.”

Last week the Israeli Government launched a massive investigation into Abu Kabir morgue, after allegations that body parts from corpses were illegally removed and sold on the black market for organ transplants. “But it was pointlessremoving Alisdair’s heart for medical reasons,” claims Chamish. “For a start, a heart has to be kept alive via a lifesupport system if it is to be transplanted. Even more damning is the fact that in Israel we do not carry out hearttransplants.”

It is believed that Alisdair Sinclair was murdered and his heart removed because of his bloodline, since he was one ofthe leading members of the Knights Templar hierarchy.

“The Knights Templar believe they are the rightful heirs to the Christian holy sites in Jerusalem and are currentlyinvolved in a secret battle to gain control of them,” says Chamish. “Alisdair may have been killed because he got caughtup in this clandestine war. The removal of his heart is part of the Knights Templar tradition. When Robert the Brucedied he asked that his heart be cut out and taken from Scotland to be buried in Jerusalem. In Israel, legend has it that his dying wishes were fulfilled.”

Both Alisdair’s brother and the Order of the Knights Templar have backed up some of Chamish’s conclusions. JamesSinclair, Alisdair’s younger brother, said, “Alisdair knew all about our Knights Templar background. He was proud of thefact he was named after Rosslyn Chapel, which was built by the Knights Templar in Scotland. He and I were told about ourheritage and bloodline by our father when we were young boys. And we often visited Rosslyn Chapel.”

Barry Chamish is convinced Alisdair became caught up in a religious feud in Jerusalem.

Currently, no fewer than six organizations or nations believe they have first claim to the holy sites in the old part ofthe Israeli capital. As well as Israel and the Palestinians, others who believe they are entitled to the land includethe Vatican, the Greek Orthodox Church and the Russian Orthodox Church.

A spokesman for the modern Knights Templar, John Ritchie, lives two miles from the village of Temple, the site of theoriginal Templar headquarters in Scotland. Ritchie, a journalist who works for Reuters, said, “The modern order has 100members…We are currently involved in an attempt to remove control of the holy sites of Jerusalem from the IsraeliGovernment. We believe they should be administered by the United Nations and are working with the UN and NATO to achievethat goal.”

Chamish revealed that Alisdair Rosslyn Sinclair is a descendant of one of the original Knights Templar, an order set up by a French relative of the St. Clair family of Rosslyn.The order, which flourished in the 13th century, spread across Europe and became wealthier than many nations.

In 1307 the King of France arrested thousands of Templars in an attempt to destroy the Order and claim its assets. Asmall number escaped to Scotland where they were protected by the St. Clair (later Sinclair) family and continued to flourish. They eventually played a major role in Robert the Bruce’s military triumphs.

“I believe Alisdair was murdered,” says Chamish. “He came to Israel because of his Knights Templar background and becamecaught up in the current conflict over Jerusalem.

“The official explanations about his death cannot be believed. He was stopped trying to leave the country allegedlybecause he had 9000 Deutschmarks (about $5,000) in a secret compartment of a suitcase. There is nothing illegal about that. If I were carrying that sum of money I might want to hide it as well.

“Then he allegedly confessed that the money was paid to him for smuggling Ecstasy into Israel. But there is no evidencethat he had drugs. Why confess to a crime when there is no evidence?

“Finally, it is alleged he hanged himself with his shoe laces. It sounds highly unlikely, if not impossible, for a manof his size to do that. I believe Alisdair was trying to escape from Israel when he was killed. The Knights Templar arenot welcomed by the authorities and other organizations here.

“I’m still investigating why his heart was taken out. It was a custom in medieval times to cut out the hearts of knightswho died abroad. The hearts were then taken back to the knights’ homeland for burial. Perhaps Alisdair’s heart was cutout as part of that ritual. But whatever the truth, there is something very evil going on in Israel today and he becamecaught up in it.”

Chamish will appear on Dreamland February 4, 2001.

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