Early Spring Has Europe Worried

December 18, 2000
The stage is being set for powerful storms in Europe, due to the appearance of unseasonably warm weather there, similar to the unseasonable weather that triggered powerful storms across the eastern United States on December 16. Europe is experiencing one... continued

Volcanos May Hasten Climate Change

December 18, 2000
Volcanic eruptions are more likely to cause world weather changes than possible impacts from comets, a team of scientists announced to the American Geophysical Union last week. Massive eruptions of magma, ash and gas, which are spewing out of Popocatepetl... continued

US Weather Extremes Prophesy Future

December 17, 2000
At least twelve people have lost their lives as a devastating series of storms swept across the United States from the Southeast to the Northeast. Eighty mile per hour wind gusts were recorded in the New York City area, and... continued

Volcano Gets Worse–14,000 Evacuated

December 16, 2000
San Antonio Express-News - For the past week, Popocatepetl, the volcano 35 miles from Mexico City, has been emitting dark clouds of steam and ash. On Thursday, Popo threw ash over a 50 mile radius and sent out incandescent fragments... continued

Mexico Volcano Has Record Number of Eruptions

December 15, 2000
Soldiers and disaster workers in Mexico City are reviewing evacuation procedures after Popocateptl, which is located 40 miles southeast of the city, erupted 200 times on Tuesday, breaking its 1996 record of 180 eruptions in a single day. Officials issued... continued

Ozone Hole Shrinks Unexpectedly

December 14, 2000
In October, scientists reported that the ozone hole over the South Pole was the largest it has ever been. By November, it had reached the area of Puentas Arenas, Argentina. For the first time, a city was under an area... continued

EPA Refuses to Declare Starlink Corn Safe

December 14, 2000
The Environmental Protection Agency Scientific Advisory Panel (SAP) has confirmed that genetically engineered StarLink corn poses a potential allergy risk to humans. The panel remained unconvinced by the data submitted by Aventis CropScience, the developers of StarLink, that there was... continued

California Blackouts–What’s Going On?

December 12, 2000
Reuters, The New York Times, AP, ABC News - Rolling power blackouts have hit California, in what may be a warning for the rest of the country. Families have been asked to turn off their Christmas lights, businesses have had... continued

Strange Animal Behavior–Maybe They’re Evolving

December 12, 2000
Los Angeles Times, Fox News - In Saudi Arabia recently, a group of baboons waited three days to take revenge on a human being, until a driver who had run over one of their group drove down the same road... continued

Wind May Spread Power Line Carcinogens

December 11, 2000
Popular Mechanics - In recent years, there has been a controversy about increased cancer deaths of people living near power lines. Physicists and power industry executives have dismissed this link, because they say the energy levels are too low to... continued