According to a new study published in the new issue ofApplied Physiology, six minutes of intense exercise a weekworks as well as six hours. No time to go to the gym? Cutyour workout down to two minutes a day! But use that timewell: Ride as fast as you can on an exercise bike in four30-second bursts of speed.

In the study, 23 men and women between 25 and 35 years oldwere divided into 3 groups and tested to see how long ittook them to cycle 18.6 miles. One group rode a stationarybike for two hours a day at a moderate pace. The secondbiked harder for 10 minutes a day in 60-second bursts. Thethird group cycled at an intense sprint for two minutes in30-second bursts, with four minutes of rest in between eachsprint. At the end of two weeks, each of the three groupswas asked to take the 18.6 mile cycling time test again. Itwas discovered that the muscle tone of everyparticipant?whether they cycled for six hours or sixminutes?had improved to the same degree.

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