Current medical guidelines label 9 out of 10 people over age50 as sick, since their blood pressure and cholesterol aretoo high. How can this be? Physicians are also concernedthat so-called ideal weights are too low?that it’s notactually healthy for people to be that thin. One way to tellif you need to diet is to take a fasting hemoglobin bloodtest, which will accurately measure your blood glucoselevel. If your glucose level is high enough to cause Type IIdiabetes, then you need to lose weight.

One problem with setting ideal blood pressure andcholesterol guidelines at too low a level is that the sideeffects of taking medicines to correct these problems maylead to side effects that are as debilitating as thediseases themselves. This also causes more expense forMedicare and health insurance, leading to higher premiumsand taxes. Lifestyle changes, such as adding exercise toyour life, can often make the necessary changes just as wellas medication, and doctors now acknowledge that a briskdaily walk works just as well as a tiring session at thegym?something that can be impossible for older people.

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