By evoking the British Freedom of Information Act, which isnow in place in the UK (as well as in the US), Welsh UFOinvestigator Chris Fowler was able to get a 107-page reportabout an incident in 1993 when 70 UFO sightings werereported at 1 a.m. on March 31st in the UK.

David James writes in the South Wales Echo that thesesightings were taken seriously by the government andmilitary. Covert operations was consulted to determine ifsecret tests of US stealth aircraft Aurora were being done,but this explanation was ruled out at the highest levels ofthe government and military. The US has never admitted theexistence of the Aurora craft, a special type of stealth plane.

A Royal Air Force officer who witnessed the sightingsreported seeing an object the size of a jumbo jet that aimeda narrow beam of light at the ground from a height of400-500 feet. The officer, whose name was blacked out, saidthat many of the witnesses were police officers and militarypersonnel. Similar sightings took place in many areas of theUK. A total of 70 people reported seeing the craft and therewere doubtless many more unreported sightings.

Similar sightings took place more recently right here in theUS. Subscriberswho want to hearsecretgovernment information aboutUFOs canstill listen to Whitley’s fascinating Dreamland interviewswith Dr. Lynne Kitei and Nick Pope.

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