UPDATE CANADA! – Some people are still searching. Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen has funded an array of 350 antennas which SETI will use to continue its search for alien life. BBC News reports that they should be up and running by 2025. Meanwhile, there have been UFO sightings worldwide.

Let’s hope they scan the skies near the Giza Pyramid in Egypt, since UFOs are continually being spotted there. To see them yourself, click here. Also, super bright meteors were reported during the last week of September over both Alaska and Finland, while balls of light of less certain origin appeared over an English town.

In the UK, the Argus reports one witness as saying, “It was like something out of Space Invaders. My dad said to come out into the garden and what I saw was the amazing thing I’ve ever seen. There were at least 60 of these lights right above us, all in close formation. There was no way they were planes or anything like that.Then they moved off and just two remained. Then they too totally disappeared.”

UPDATE: In the Winnipeg Sun, Rob Nay reports that almost triple the average numbers of UFO sightings were reported over Manitoba this fall. He quotes UFO researcher Chris Rutkowski as saying, “It’s significantly above what we normally get.”

Art credit: freeimages.co.uk

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