Do parallel universes exist? New research proves that they DEFINITELY do. There are many versions of “you” out there somewhere.

In the Sept. 22-28 edition of New Scientist magazine, Zeeya Merali writes, “If you think of yourself as unique, think again?our world is just one of many. You are just one version of many.”

The “many worlds” theory was first proposed half a century ago by Hugh Everett. Merali quotes physicist David Deutsch as saying, “You toss a coin but what does it mean to say that the probability of it coming up heads is 50%? According to Everett, both outcomes must happen.” According to Everett, every time a new physical possibility is explored, the universe splits, and each one is played out in its own universe. If we learned to control this, we could perhaps move our consciousness to a universe in which good things are happening. And what we call “aliens” may be inhabitants of another universe that is parallel to ours. Whitley suspects that the Master of the Key may have been a visitor from a parallel universe.

It sounds impossible, but Merali quotes physicist Simon Saunders as saying, “We’ve cleared up the obscurities and come up with a pretty clear verdict that Everett works. It’s a dramatic turnaround and it means that people now have to discuss Everett seriously.” also reports that Parallel universes really do exist, and quotes an expert who calls it “one of the most important developments in the history of science.”

Will the scientific community?not to mention the average person?ever come to understand parallel universes and the possibilities they bring? Merali quotes Wojciech Zurek, of the Los Alamos Lab, as saying, “That depends on what parallel universe you live in.”

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Whitley Strieber has just published an extraordinary novel about parallel universes called 2012 The War for Souls, which will be filmed for Warner Brothers by the producers who made “Transformers.” To listen to Whitley reading the prologue to the book, click “Listen Now” on our masthead and scroll down to the 5th item in Windows Media Player.

The bookstore industry publication “Publisher’s Weekly” gave the book a glowing review. They wrote, “Strieber’s epic sequel to 2006’s The Grays blends equal parts science fiction thriller, supernatural horror and provocative spiritual speculation. As struggling author Wylie Dale works on his latest novel, which revolves around an upcoming date when the earth ‘crosses both the galactic equator and the solar ecliptic’?a time that the Maya predicted would mark the cataclysmic end of this age?he begins to uncover evidence that what he’s writing about is actually happening on a parallel earth. If nothing is done, on December 21, 2012, gateways will open into this world and reptilian invaders will not only enslave humanity but feast on their succulent souls as well. While Strieber’s exploration into the existence and import of the soul isn’t exactly profound, it is wildly entertaining. Fans of apocalyptic page-turners like King’s The Stand and Niven and Pournelle’s Lucifer’s Hammer will enjoy this ambitious?and audacious?tale as it invokes everything from rectal probes and Ann Coulter to the destruction of the Great Pyramid of Giza.”

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