At our Dreamland Festival in May, one of the main things we’re going to investigate are the mysterious sounds that are being heard all around the world. Some of them are "booms" so loud they set off car alarms (NOTE: Subscribers can still listen to this show). Others sound more like groans or horns.

No one has yet figured out what is doing this, but there are lots of theories around. Physicist Jean-Pierre St. Maurice thinks it could be electromagnetic noise emitted from auroras and radiation belts. Seismologist Brian W Stump says that earthquakes can also produce sub-audible sounds (Subscribers can still lisen to this show too).

There’s no question that the earth is noisy–the question is, why are so many people hearing those noises now? In the Daily Mail, Ted Thornhill writes that, according to NASA, the Earth has "natural radio emissions," but since we don’t have antennas on our heads, we can’t hear them. But if we could , we would hear "a remarkable symphony of strange noises coming from our own planet. Scientists call them ‘tweeks,’ ‘whistlers’ and ‘sferics.’ Earth’s natural radio emissions are real and, although we’re mostly unaware of them, they are around us all the time."

The sounds WE like to hear are the sounds of people having a great time making new friends and listening to incredible new information. Where can you do all this? At our Dreamland Festival in May–and if you subscribe today, you’ll get 10% off ticket prices!

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