Red meat may be a killer, but what about bread–do carbohydrates really make us fat? Not all carbs are created equal when it comes down to how our bodies are process them. Carbohydrates, whether complex or simple are all converted to blood sugar. The greater the amount consumed the higher blood sugar will be raised. Refined carbohydrates like sugar or white bread are converted and absorbed quickly. Complex carbohydrates like grains are converted more slowly but still elevate blood sugar to high levels. And high blood sugar levels make you hungry, so you EAT TOO MUCH.

Health experts Dian and Tom Griesel say, "It really doesn’t take much concentrated carbohydrate to elevate blood sugar high enough to trigger an insulin release and due to the very low moisture content, refined carbohydrate products and grains are concentrated sugar sources. Smaller quantities than most people imagine are a problem. When sugar is eaten along with fat, which is a common refined food combo, the sugar is released more slowly, but consequently, insulin release also remains elevated over an extended period of time which stresses cell receptors and eventually leads to insulin resistance." Thus bread and butter is worse than bread alone. Carbohydrate/fat combinations are not found in any natural food source and our bodies are not adapted to handle them.

Grains and grain products have much fewer nutrients than fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, eggs or animal protein, so other than supplying calories, they are not the best food choice. Until the advent of agriculture and grain cultivation, eating concentrated carbohydrates was rare, with the exception of possibly honey, which was largely used medicinally. Our bodies are not adapted to their constant sugar loads and the consequences are reflected in the rise of obesity, diabetes, heart disease and other significant illnesses.

And if you need to diet, stick to stinky food. When their food has a strong aroma, people eat less. When food has a strong smell, we take smaller bits of it, which is good–this makes your stomach feel fuller faster.

If you’ve eating TOO MANY of the WRONG KIND of carbs–smelly or not–you need to download Anne Strieber’s famous diet book, "What I Learned From the Fat Years." Using scientific principles, she devised a diet that helped her to lose 100 pounds and YOU CAN TOO, and at less than $5, it costs MUCH LESS than the ineffective diet books you’ll find in stores!

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