In these months before the Presidential election, when would-be Democratic candidates are campaigning furiously, it’s interesting to note that few of them seem to be appealing to the U.S. Muslim vote. This is because, despite Republican-led invasions of Iraq and Afghanistan, most U.S. Muslims vote Republican. According to the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), 78% of Muslims voted Republican in 2000, probably because they have conservative social values.

Barnie Choudhury writes in that in the last Presidential election, Bush met with Muslim groups, while Gore did not. Today, many of these voters feel besieged by anti-terrorism acts, which target people of their race and religion. Muslim Republican politician Saghir Tahir says, “I am concerned about the backlash by the American Muslim community. But I believe the Republican Party will try to mend fences and make sure they don’t desert the party.”

CAIR director Jad Humeidan says, “We have to become more politically active and more politically savvy in order to ensure the survival of the Muslim community.”

If the mud slinging of recent Presidential elections annoys you, remember: we may have been more civilized in the distant past. Michael Cremo makes the case that we’re not the greatest of all human civilizations, but what remains of a great civilization that fell long ago.

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