A report by 60 top scientists, including 20 Nobel Prize winners, says the Bush government distorts scientific facts “to prevent the appearance of advice that might run counter to the administration’s political agenda.” Dr. Kurt Gottfried says, “We are not?taking issue with the administration’s policies. We are taking issue with the administration’s distortion of the process with which science enters into its decisions.” Neal Lane says, “I am afraid that our leading policymakers simply don’t know what they don’t know given the manipulation of the science advice process.”

Scientists in both the U.S. and U.K. are complaining about this problem. In the U.S., the Union of Concerned Scientists says that the federal government intentionally disregarded facts showing that human activity is partly to blame for recent global warming. In the Seattle Post-Intelligencer, Tom Paulson quotes U.K. researcher Sir David King as saying, “Delaying action [on global warming] for decades, or even just years, is not a serious option. I am firmly convinced that if we do not begin now, more substantial, more disruptive and more expensive change will be needed later on?If the United States is not willing to go down the Kyoto route, we would like recognition that there is a global problem.”

The Bush administration seems to care more about protecting big business than protecting U.S. citizens. K.C. Golden, director of Climate Solutions, says, “Did you know that the average of all the new Ford vehicles out there now get fewer miles to the gallon than the Model T did? Technologically, that’s totally unnecessary.”

But Reuters reporter Maggie Fox says that scientists accuse the Bush administration of lying about more than just global warming. The UCS also criticizes their suppression of an EPA study that found the Senate’s Clear Air Bill would do more to reduce mercury contamination in fish and would prevent more deaths than the administration’s proposed Clear Skies Act. UCS president Kevin Knobloch says, “This is akin to the White House directing the National Weather Service to alter a hurricane forecast because they want everyone to think we have clear skies ahead.”

Public health groups say the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has been pressured to support the administration’s abstinence-only sex education policy as a way to prevent sexually transmitted diseases, and has made the CDC remove information about condoms from its website.

It’s not just the government that distorts truth?the church does too. But Margaret Starbird is a woman with the mission to rehabilitate the one disciple who has been abandoned by Christian tradition: Mary Magdalene. She shows how a secret numbering code in the gospels reveals the surprising true role of Magdalene, and her enormous importance to Jesus.

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