Researcher Charles Goldman is an expert on “Tessie,” the deep sea creature that reportedly lives in Lake Tahoe. He’s now working with Robert Rains, who used sonar in the 1970s to take strobed light photographs of “Nessie,” that show a humped creature 20 to 30 feet long. In Mexico, citizens and police are hunting for a “Wolfwoman.”

Kron4 TV reports that, while many Nessie photos are probably hoaxes, Rains? photos are harder to dismiss. One of them shows a flipper that Goldman says “looks terribly authentic.” Another shows a 20-foot-long body and head. Goldman says most sea monster sightings tend to be in deep, cold lakes that produce mirages due to temperature changes in the water. While a number of scientists have seen Tahoe Tessie, Goldman says none of the sightings have been of a head or tail, only of dark objects in the water.

Goldman hopes to use the same remote-controlled submarine in Lake Tahoe that was used by Rains in Loch Ness. While he thinks the existence of Tessie is unlikely, he thinks Nessie could definitely be real, because Loch Ness is connected to the ocean, so all kinds of strange creatures could swim into the Loch (lake).

In Mexico, a “Wolfwoman” is being hunted by over 100 people in the Yucatan, including 10 policemen. The creature has been killing poultry, and locals, armed with guns and lanterns, have organized hunting parties to search for it. It’s described as about 5 feet tall, hairy, walking on two legs, with glowing red eyes. This sounds like a description of either a chupacabra or Bigfoot?except that Bigfoot doesn’t kill.

Scott Corrales, of the Institute of Hispanic Ufology, reports that local citizens first became aware of the problem when turkeys were found dead “under bizarre circumstances.” have also been seen in the area, as well as in Chile, and have been blamed for killing larger farm animals.

A recent hunt began when dogs began barking in the early evening. Benito Canul Canul, who was part of the posse, says he saw the being and shot at it, but he?s not sure if he hit it. He says, “The creature was dog shaped, but with glowing eyes.”

Out of the mists of time come Native American legends of the skookum, the sasquatch, the wendigo and many, many others. Loren Coleman’s respect for these stories has led him on a truly amazing journey into both legend and hard evidence.

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