Newswise – A rare 1943 document — a psychological analysis of thepersonality of Adolph Hitler that predicted, among otherthings, his eventual suicide — is now available on theCornell Law Library’s Web site, at:thislink.

The profile was written by Henry Murray, the same doctor wholater administered stress-related mind control tests to TedKaczynski while he was as Harvard. Kaczynski’slawyers in his trial as the Unabomber traced some of hisemotional instability and fear of mind control to his roleas a subject in those tests. Murray helped found the OSS(Office of Strategic Services) in 1943 and became associatedwith the CIA and its MK-ULTRA mind control program after thewar. He reportedly carried forwardmind control experiments which hadoriginated in the concentration camps.

The copyright to the original document — number three ofonly 30 copies made — was granted to the Law Library byNina Murray, the widow of the document’s main author, Dr.Henry A. Murray.

Henry Murray was a pre-World War II director of the HarvardPsychological Clinic and, during the war, served in theOffice of Strategic Services, the forerunner to the CentralIntelligence Agency. The psychological profile of Hitler wasamong the papers discovered in the Law Library’s DonovanNuremberg Trials Collection.

“It’s almost a unique piece,” said Claire Germain, theEdward Cornell Law Librarian and professor of law at CornellLaw School. “Posting it on the Web in pdf format makes itavailable to a broader audience and shows the uniqueness ofthe documents located at Cornell Library.”

Murray was commissioned in 1943 to help the Alliesunderstand Hitler’s psychological makeup. He wrote thatHitler had a personality type stimulated by real or imaginedinsult or injury, that held grudges, had a low tolerance forcriticism, an excessive demand for attention and a tendencyto belittle, bully or blame others and seek revenge. But hispersonality also manifested a persistence in the face ofdefeat, along with strong self-will and self-trust. However,Hitler lacked “the offsetting qualities that round out abalanced personality,” wrote Murray. Murray guessed that ifGermany were to lose World War II, Hitler might kill himselfin a dramatic, explosive way, but he worried that Hitlermight become a martyr if he were killed.

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