Our founding fathers enacted an ancient vision of tolerance,moderation and freedom when they created the United Statesof America. Where did thisvisioncome from, and what are the threats that challenge it now?On this weekend’sDreamland,William Henry brings his deep knowledge to thissubject, which has never been more important, since interestin reconstructing the United States as a Christian-basedsociety and government is rising.

OnMysteriousPowers this weekend, Anne interviews Robert Moss, animpassioned dream explorer and author ofDreamwaysof the Iroquois, who tells us why he believes that manydreams involve living lives in very real other worlds.

If the U.S. becomes a theocracy, in which laws are enactedaccording to the beliefs of a handful of believers, we willbe no better than the Taliban was in Afghanistan or thegovernment of Iran is today. But many millions of Americansare being convinced that the Founding Fathers were actuallyfundamentalistChristians who were seeking to create a “Bible republic”that would encode Christianity as the national religion andrevise modern law to reflect the Bible. Is this really true?William Henry has traced the origin of the symbols theFounding Fathers used in the establishment of the Americanrepublic, and found the meanings hidden behind them. In sodoing, he has gone deep into the minds of the FoundingFathers, and discovered their true hopes for the nation theycreated. He has a fascinating report forsubscribers aboutthe symbolism of 911 and what it means.

OnMysteriousPowers you’ll discover that Robert Moss has lived a lifevery much like Whitley’s: He moved to upstate New York froma big city (in his case, Sydney, Australia) and began havingparanormal experiences. Before beginning to lecture andwrite about dreams, he was a popular thriller writer.

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