Newswise – We recently put up a story about how the U.S. looks to the Chinese. Howdo Europeans view America? Is it life, liberty and thepursuit of happiness? Or is it blue jeans, MTV andhamburgers with a side of “freedom fries?”

“To many Europeans, America is still an unknown territory.They rely on myths and preconceptions of American societyand politics,” says political science professor AurelianCraiutu.

What does “America” mean to people of different cultures?How can we explain the simultaneous fascination andrevulsion with the “American myth” throughout Europe and therest of the world? “The world continues to be fascinatedwith America, one way or another. Love and hatred of Americadivide the world,” says Craiutu.

America has gone from being regarded as a possible model forEuropean democracy to being viewed as a country obsessedwith money, and a major source of spiritual decadence,according to Craiutu. The allegedly uncivilized andmaterialistic character of American society has become amajor target for critics, so that many Europeans rarely readuncritical comments about the U.S. For the past few years,relations between the United States and Europe, particularlybetween the United States and France, have been strained dueto the war in Iraq.

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