If you left someone off your Christmas list by mistake, we have the solution! Our gorgeous new 2008 crop circle calendars have arrived, and Subscribers have a special coupon code that gives them $2 off. These calendars are not only gorgeous, they can help you participate in the ongoing series of crop circle meditations that Whitley is doing with subscribers. Communion is back in print too, with a new forward by Whitley. All copies are autographed WHILE THEY LAST. Also, the most popular books we’ve ever published, The Key and The Path, are back on our store as well. Subscribers have a coupon with HUGE SAVINGS if they buy both books together!

At three o’clock in the morning of June 6, 1998, Whitley Strieber was awakened by somebody knocking on his hotel room door. A man came bursting in and began to speak, and everything he said was new. Whitley managed to transcribe this conversation, which contains words of extraordinary wisdom such as, “Your destiny, each of you, is to become all of God.” He published this dialogue in his book The Key, which is currently unavailable, even in used editions.

Used copies of the Path and the Key are selling on amazon.com for as much as $80.

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