Serial killers may be responsible for up to 10 times as many U.S. deaths as previously estimated, because these monsters prey on people whose absence will not be noticed.

Criminologist Kenna Quinet says that a lack of reliable data about the “missing missing”?including marginalized groups such as prostitutes, transients, gay street hustlers, foster children and “thrown-away” teens?is likely to contribute to undercounting of the victims of serial killers. Estimates of the average number of serial killer victims each year range from 67 to 180, Quinet thinks there could be as many as 1,832 victims every year. She says, “?These are victims that we’ve always been not counting?The true number of serial murder victims in the United States is a function of what we know?apprehended killers and strongly suspected serial murder cases?as well as what we do not know?serial murder cases that for one reason or another are off the radar of police, coroners, medical examiners and others officials?How often do we fail to detect murders of people who were expected to die, such as hospital patients and nursing home residents?”

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