Ghost hunter Michael Lynch describes a haunted house as, “Not haunted, just occupied.” He’s spent his spare time for the last 10 years investigating paranormal activity with a team of ghost hunters from St. Louis called Para-Vision. They?re one of the first groups to develop cameras that can videotape ghosts.

According to Lynch, entities, which is the ghost hunter term for ghosts, phantoms and angels, aren?t visible to the naked eye can be caught when videotaped with halogen or infrared lights. He says, ?Most ghosts are just consciousnesses with nothing better to do.” His videotapes show small white orbs moving at various speeds. Para-Vision doesn’t eliminate ghosts, but they’ll tell you what kind of ghost you have. Removals are subcontracted out to a dowser, who makes the environment less ghost-friendly.

Lloyd Silverman wanted to know why a pictured ?jumped? several feet off his wall one night, in his 100-year-old home. Lynch examined the picture, which depicts a woman from the Victorian era playing the piano. Silverman had impulsively bought it two months before, because the same print had hung over his grandmother’s sofa.

Lynch decided an outside force, perhaps the home’s original owner, had thrown the picture to the floor. If a nail had come loose, the picture would have fallen straight down and hit the piano, but the piano showed no evidence of being hit.

He also noted similarities between the painting and Silverman’s living room: the same fireplace, windows and doors, all the same size and in the same positions, which could have brought up painful memories for the entity. Afterwards, Silverman removed the print from his wall. He says, ?It’s in the basement, where it belongs.”

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